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With us you can communicate in German and in English. If you speak another language, do not hesitate to contact us, we will have it translated and contact you.


The tastes are known to be different. That’s why you either tell us what you want to experience or we put together something beautiful for you. We are already looking forward to fulfilling your wishes.


We will not mediate you, but we will personally be there for you on site as a contact person, guide, friend & helper and take care of you.

Highest standard

We are not satisfied with “normal”. With us you will find everything from luxury villas, luxury yachts, luxury excursions, to personal luxury care, that will make your holiday unforgettable. Personally and reliably we will take care of you.


Over 200 dreamy villas

Are you looking for the right accommodation in Ibiza for you? Perfect accommodation is the key to a perfect holiday, so that you can feel completely at ease. We have over 200 villas for you in mediation. You have everything in your own hands:

  • position
  • size
  • room
  • pool
  • amenity
  • and much more….


Simply enter your wishes in the search function and every possible available villa will be shown to you.

Feel free to ask us about our “special offers” because these are always available, but cannot be found in the list of villas.

Was unsere Kunden sagen

As a family to Ibiza??? We weren’t sure at first if we were doing the right thing. Through El Cheffes Ibiza Service with Anke & Lars, Fortunately, we were taught otherwise. Great tours, super organized and places that we would not have trusted Ibiza were allowed we experience. In addition to this party island, Ibiza has so much more to offer and we are happy to see through Anke & Lars, these beautiful places and places with our kids. We will definitely be back and will be welcomed by El Cheffes Ibiza Service much more be shown. It was perfect all around and everything flawless. Thank you for the great time we will never forget!

Claudia & Tobias

We got to know Anke and Lars as sympathetic, competent and reliable friends and organizers. We were allowed to participate in some events, everything was always perfectly organized and always more than met the expectations. We hope to participate in further events as soon as the situation has returned to normal.

Laura & Jan

One week Ibiza, one week another world.
In the countless holidays that we were allowed to spend alone or together, a time away from tourism has become very important to us. Lars Ibiza Service had enough good tips for us away from the tourist beaches and crowded hot spots.

Marie & Alex

The hotel selection as well as their best location were very difficult to find. Therefore, they gave us the tip for a TOP motel which was located directly on the beach. The small bars were mega and the food first!! Among other things, the reservation and trip to the Amante Restaurant was well organized. By jeep we drove then to secluded beaches and coves as well as the hippie market. We will be back! And look forward to more great trips and tips.
Things to do with Lars aka El Cheffe and Anke!

Gwendula & Stev


Who is “El Cheffes Ibiza Service”?

Due to the changes in the world over the last 2 years, we (Anke & Lars) have long thought about how our future life should go. Throughout our lives we have both mastered our lives independently in the various areas.

When we were on Ibiza for the first time 10 years ago, we immediately felt a special bond with this magical island.

After that we were on business in Ibiza at least once a year and fell in love with this island more and more.

At the end of 2019, a lot changed in the world and also in our lives. We wanted to break new ground not only professionally, but also with a view to the future.

At some point we made the decision to sell everything we had in Germany in order to start a new beginning on our dream island.

Since we have always “worked” with people ever since we started working professionally, it was of course natural to stay active in these personal areas.

So since June 2020 there has been “El Cheffes Ibiza Service”, which specializes in providing vacationers and guests on the island with the best possible support to enjoy an unforgettable time on this beautiful island.

Nevertheless, we remain people like “YOU & I” and hope that with our service we can make life in Ibiza even more worthwhile. We look forward to receiving your inquiries.

Kind regards, Anke & Lars, alias …… El Cheffes Ibiza Service ………